Sound Insulation & Noise Reduction WPC Wall Cladding

​The construction period of the building is shorter and shorter, and the high efficiency of construction makes the quality of the building a little worrying...

Product Details

The construction period of the building is shorter and shorter, and the high efficiency of construction makes the quality of the building a little worrying.But the professionals tell us that it is entirely reassuring.Technological progress makes the construction efficiency is greatly increased, but this is not at the expense of the premise of quality, on the contrary, through the use of new building materials, such as WPC house is stronger than before, sound insulation noise reduction, corrosion resistant ability is stronger, let you live in a modern house is comfortable safe and green environmental protection, really do get better life.


Noise reduction is a basic requirement.

Think we lived in a building because the hollow brick wall with sound insulation effect is not good, the communication makes the neighbor can hear, and I also worry about their own chat others can you see, how is not safe.But WPC plastic wood material for wall covering, good sound insulation effect, let you live in the home is so quiet and comfortable.And outside vehicles also seems to have nothing to do with you, because of the noise reduction, after these cars chirp are small even didn't, no noise, the influence of natural can meditation to rest, let the body in a busy work in recuperation after restoration.Sound insulation noise reduction should be the most basic requirements of buildings, but now the house is so expensive, as long as it's not quality issue, the basic requirement of consumers for a house can be ignored, also good developers to realize this, make up for the deficiency of the modern building with new materials.


There are many wonderful USES wall covering.

Do not underestimate this layer, not thick WPC wall cladding, in addition to noise reduction function, it also has the effect of fire protection.Today's houses, especially those in the north, are too cold outside in winter and need insulation to keep the heat from escaping.It can also effectively block the entry of cold air.The WPC material used in the wall cladding is very high and has self-extinguishing characteristics, so its fireproof performance is excellent.This is also the main reason why buildings now favor such a layer.Waterproof, moisture-proof, sunproof and ultraviolet radiation, etc., all the effect of this layer wall cladding, so when decorating, do not want to be torn down.



Section Size

ColorCedar,Red pine,Red wood,coffee,light grey, Blue Grey(Customize color)

Surface Treatment

Sanded,embossed,groove,3D embossing

Service Life

long service life nearly 25-30 years.
MaterialWood-plastic Composite(WPC)


50% wood flour, 35-40% plastic (HDPE), 10-15% other additives

Material properties

No maintenance, no rub off,Anti-rot/mildew/UV,Non-toxic……


CE, CNAS, ISO 9001:2008,FSC

Exported to

North America, Oceania, Europe, Asia, etc.more than 87 countries
EnvironmentNo need to paint, Non-toxic pollution,100% recyclable

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