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Along with the increasingly widened the application scope of wood-plastic composites, the exterior decoration of all kinds of outdoor engineering also have more choices...

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Along with the increasingly widened the application scope of wood-plastic composites, the exterior decoration of all kinds of outdoor engineering also have more choices, especially for apartment outside wall decoration construction, has a strict requirements on the smoothness of wallboard is, it needs to through the choice of materials to meet stringent quality requirements, and in the actual application of the WPC wood plastic composite process, apartment will comprehensively improve the smoothness effect of the external walls, believe that this also is helpful to meet the construction needs of different.


Improvement of construction conditions

Now, metope adornment of apartment construction need to fully consider the actual use of the specific requirements, both in metope smoothness and ultraviolet resistance need has obvious promotion, but in the production process of material processing, comprehensive promotion, also to the use of this stringent requirement can give fully of content, after all, after a long time after the development of the industry, now the WPC wood plastic composite has on the overall performance was improved obviously, it has a positive role in improving the conditions of apartment construction is.


Optimize material performance

It is because the apartment construction material dependence is relatively strong, will have obvious promotion in the engineering quality, but the premise is the optimization of material performance are comprehensive enough, and the apartment is decorated the technical details of the mountain, whether wall roughness and smoothness, and resistance to ultraviolet radiation and other aspects of performance needs to be intuitive, this also not allow to ignore the strengthening the construction of the core elements.


Broaden the scope of construction

To sum up, the material properties of wood plastic composite wallboard now has many advantages, which in many engineering cases also summed up experience, as long as able to cater to the development of the industry trend, naturally has obvious to broaden the scope of construction.




Outdoor cladding model TH-05 takes simple flat surface design style, with light radian in each sides. Support for sanding, embossing, 3D embossing and other surface treatments. Can be used as cladding, or matched with COOWIN other materials to be fence. Simple screw installation method can save your labor cost.


————Wpc decking little knowledge————

Th - 05 model not only can be used as grain fence panel can also be used as outdoor wallboard, the characteristics of the WPC material can vary according to the characteristics of customer demand, can also according to customer demand change and use, wood plastic composite is the full name of WPC, look from the name alone can see the material rich in both wood and plastic characteristics, belongs to the new alternative materials.





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