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Because it is used in the pool side, so you need to consider the issue of non-slip, the outdoor swimming pool outdoor swimming pool will generally use the outdoor floor,Since it is with a groove will appear to accumulate the phenomenon of dust, and these dust will be washed because of water after the attached again on the floor above, more difficult to clean up.And ordinary wood flooring will need to be maintained once every six months, such maintenance will be long-term consumption of labor costs / material cost / time energy, more importantly, the maintenance of paint is volatile toxic gases, and their own family health Not a small impact.


Wpc material is a polymer composite materials, but also a new type of outdoor decoration materials, because the specificity of the basic material will not be volatile toxic gases,And do not need the same as the solid wood, need to paint maintenance, not to worry about cleaning up the problem,Because the groove will produce a strong texture inside the plastic crust, a simple scour can clean up,Do not worry about stains attached to the problem.


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