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2016 Summer German Engineering Mr. Werner, from Germany to coowin manufacturing base. Examine the technical level of coowin group while also picking the first use of the product for trial orders. The trial order item is in Dortmund, Germany, where the climate and temperature of the area are not...

Product Details

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The trial order item is in Dortmund, Germany, where the climate and temperature of the area are not strictly required for the material. But the German demand for products is very high, the first product of the raw materials for a simple test, the production of samples also track the entire production process, and finally the intensity of the sample / flame retardant / anti-corrosion / anti-corrosion experiments. And finally reached the basic quality requirements for the product material. And then the use of the product on the characteristics of the adjustment requirements, such as improving the stability of the masterbatch / anti-ultraviolet and other requirements.

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Coowin manufacturing base in Mr. Werner repurchase the week after the final adjustment of the sample sent to him. In the second week to finalize the other cooperation matters, signed the first trial order. As of the end of 2017, coowin and Mr. Werner have worked seven times, a total of 4320 square meters of outdoor wallboard / 5100 cottage acres of outdoor flooring. Cooperation is very smooth.

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The customer has purchased the product as:TF-04ETW-K01 Solid Wall Panl & Hollow Decking Flooring  Click on the product model to learn more

The number of products purchased by the customer is:4320㎡=46500.0930002 sq.ft outdoor wall panl

                                                                      5100are=5489594.312522 sq.ft out decking flooring

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