Denmark Anti-Water Outdoor Balcony Project

Denmark is a beautiful country, owing wonderful natural environment and many modern urban architecture, make it become one of the world’s top countries. But it still has some unpleasant things, for example, its sort of heavy rainfall every year in winter.

Product Details

Denmark Anti-Water Outdoor Balcony ProjectDenmark Anti-Water Outdoor Balcony Project

There is a brand new material called WPC has started a huge innovation in outdoor architecture field. Wood plastic composite material itself is no harm to forest because of its recycled performance. Meanwhile, it reduce the harm to human body too, save money, offer more different creative art abilities.( it can be accepted customized requests, including shape, texture, and color)

Denmark Anti-Water Outdoor Balcony Project


The products customer bought were:【TH-16 Solid outdoor flooring】  (Click on the product model to learn more)

The total number of products customer bought was:  980(㎡) = 10548(sq.ft)

We are China's first batch of wood plastic material manufactures and also R&D leaders. If you are interested in our denmark anti-water outdoor balcony project, please be free to wholesale the best quality products at low cost from us. The customized service is also available with low price.