Hide the connector WPC Mobile House Wall Panels

As mobile homes in the real social utility ratio rising, used to build the material also need has significant improvement in performance...

Product Details

As mobile homes in the real social utility ratio rising, used to build the material also need has significant improvement in performance, whether it is easy to install and durability characteristics, all need to reach a higher level to meet the demand of outdoor mobile homes built, even if is the effect of the internal space also needs to be improved, the overall quality and effect of the level of ascension will easily, believe that for most of the mobile homes are of great reference value.


Familiar with installation process

Outdoor mobile home installed, under the condition of the mounting process is needed in the familiar enough, can ensure that different parts can be through the use of careful installation details to satisfy basic needs, and in the internal fittings hidden advantage has been manifested intuitively, you can ensure that houses after completed to ensure beautiful degree, this is after numerous engineering case of comprehensive contrast was summed up experience, especially for the installation process is the need to fully grasp.


Increased application rate

Considering the different application requirements for outdoor mobile home is different, so natural to seriously on the choice of wall panel, it is best to have the very strong durability and moistureproof and excellent performance, such as fire prevention after the set up of housing security to ensure, after all this is related to the utility ratio level of core elements, as well as more outdoor provides fully meet the application requirements.


Make sure the house is safe.

Overall, today's outdoor mobile home or has a widespread application, it is also the advantage of the WPC house wallboard in outstanding performance, and after the fitting of a hidden performance have continued to strengthen, is for the use of housing security laid a solid foundation.

mobile home exterior siding


Outdoor cladding model TF-05 takes simple flat surface design style, with light radian in each sides. Support for sanding, embossing, 3D embossing and other surface treatments. Can be used as cladding, or matched with COOWIN other materials to be fence. Simple screw installation method can save your labor cost.

mobile home exterior wall panels

————Wpc decking little knowledge————

In Europe and the United States, mobile home is a more common type of building, so the exterior wall panels are more indispensable.Mobile house most pays attention to the actual use effect on the demand of it, as a place for newcomers don't hope there will be three to five years in damage, more don't want the phenomenon such as volatile poisonous gas, and WPC exterior siding wall panels just can satisfy the needs of mobile home.As a new material, WPC material is more advantageous in outdoor use.

Excellent characteristics

Environmental friendly

Products’ properties including UV-resistance, zero radiation , anti-bacterial, non-formaldehyde, ammonia, benzene or other harmful substances. Also with much less soluble heavy metal content than national standard and European standard. Because of its non-toxic , odor less and non-pollution performance, it can be used immediately after finished, it is true green eco production.

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