Anti-UV WPC Wall Cladding Villa House

Construction technology and construction materials for villa had the certain understanding after, will find it on exterior wall decoration materials selection has stringent requirements...

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Construction technology and construction materials for villa had certain understanding after, will find it on exterior wall decoration materials selection has stringent requirements, after all, most of the outer wall of the wood plastic process is obvious, under the objective background, how to avoid the direct damage of ultraviolet ray also is particularly important, but after the improvement of production process, now the WPC wood plastic wall panel has been able to have very good anti-UV effect, this also is helping to improve the level of construction and engineering quality.


Change of construction thinking

There is no denying the fact that villa construction requirements are extremely stringent, any link must maintain strict construction idea, even the choice of construction materials also needs to have its own performance characteristics, from this perspective, the performance advantages of wood-plastic composites can fully play, especially after the complete construction of UV damage can have very good avoid effect, this is also to the promotion of the quality of the project can play a decisive role.


Improve the level of UV protection.

Although villa project comprehensive construction technology has been raised, the dependence of the material is still relatively strong, if there is no material performance is outstanding advantages, it is not easy to uncover her nakedness, under the same conditions in the engineering quality of outstanding advantages, and application of WPC wood plastic composite, the direct ultraviolet prevention level can be improved, the villa project's overall quality and comprehensive security.


Promote production process improvement.

All in all, today's villa project has been in the construction technology and materials performance reflects the outstanding advantages, as long as the objective existence, making use of favorable conditions fully will effectively promote the wood plastic composite comprehensive improvement of the production process.


Outdoor cladding model TF-04E takes connecting style design, high efficient installation, with lots of surface treatments including sanding, embossing, brushing and so on. Can be used for residences, garages cladding or cabins external decoration.

————Wpc decking little knowledge————

Villa villa house is suing walls has been a host of concerns, the villa is known as villa, because this place is not the only place of the villa, and even can be said to be very few residential dwellings, rarely used faces frequent maintenance and maintenance, a lot of money and energy consumption in the villa of utilization rate is not high.So, coowin group according to the research will also be WPC exterior wall plastic cladding decorate, made the villa house is suing cladding solution of decorate, according to the properties of several main villa demand made the strengthening and adjustment, as far as possible, do not fade, strengthened the mildew resistance, reduce the water absorption and the possibility of cracking, effective enable customers no longer villa facade maintenance waste of energy and money.

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