WPC Warehouse Waterproof and Fireproofing Exterior Wall Panel

Of metope decorate material choice, need according to its production process judgment performance characteristics...

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Of metope decorate material choice, need according to its production process judgment performance characteristics, under the background of this objective, using wood plastic composite production process of WPC wall panel will be fully affirmation, the strengthening construction and enhance the level of effect and are of great help, after all, now of the WPC wall panel in the aspect of waterproof and fireproof performance superiority is very obvious, believe that to promote the rapid development of the industry as a whole to decorate material is also helpful.


Conversion material advantages

As we all know, the more complicated construction conditions, to decorate material performance requirements are more stringent, and after have all aspects of the mature conditions, can ensure the WPC wood plastic composite material has been widely used, which are of great help to the continuous transformation of material advantage is, the waterproof and fireproof performance of ascension that plays the positive role of cannot be ignored, after all, after the practical application of various cases, can ensure the engineering quality greatly improved.


Provide construction facilities

Considering the warehouse construction environment is relatively complex, especially for waterproof and fireproof performance has stringent requirements, if the lack of professional knowledge on the material selection of metope decorate, also can't play a proper role, from the two aspects in WPC performance advantages of wood plastic composites has been manifested intuitively, has effectively made up for the inadequacy of conventional plate, believe that the demand for construction convenient also can give fully meet.


Simplify the application of materials.

There is no doubt that many of the properties of wood-plastic composites are has a practical value, especially in good waterproof and fireproof performance obtained the full affirmation, have been able to give full of harsh conditions satisfy to the warehouse.


Outdoor cladding model TF-04S and CW-01 almost same in design style, but TF-04S has flat surface while CW-01 has more 4 decorative grooves in the front. Both take double design, provide better soundproof and heat preservation effect. With high efficient installation method, applied for residences, cottages outer decoration.

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Wood plastic moden warehouse waterproof and fireproofing exterior wall panel has always been the tropics of customers have been concerned about, but all the wooden materials are faced with the burning question, but the difference is that the flame retardant is better, this ratio is related to the use of flame retardants and absolute quality problems, coowin group purchasing quality excellent flame retardant, not only did not reduce the effect of using other properties.

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