High Strength Multicolor SCHOOL WPC Wall Panel Cladding

On the adornment of the fierce competition in the market, the type of decoration material diversification trend has increasingly obvious...

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On the adornment of the fierce competition in the market, the type of decoration material diversification trend has increasingly obvious, the choice of rich construction materials there is a big help, especially in the school building construction process, or to all aspects of material performance with rational cognition, it is crucial to meet the demand of different construction, especially in the classroom, such as the structure of the exterior wall coating engineering utility ratio of WPC wall panel has obvious improvement.


Strengthen wallboard technology.

Under normal circumstances, the performance requirements of building construction of external wall material is more stringent, if there is no material in favorable conditions, will not under the same conditions to raise the level of effect, under the objective background, give full play to the WPC wood plastic composite material performance advantage is particularly important, also believe that for most of the projects are extremely useful, especially for exterior wall coating in the engineering of the school environment, has a strong dependence on material strength index is.


Advanced material production technology.

School of engineering or other building external wall decoration material requirements are unique, especially in the construction details of wall cladding after further optimization, are enough to reflect the advantages of advanced production technology, after all, after a comprehensive comparison of different project cases, to its performance advantages in high strength with intuitive, so also can stand out in the complex construction environment.


Improve impact resistance.

It is obvious that high strength wall cladding material needs to have strong impact resistance, can be used in complex environment to satisfy the requirements of the different, this also is WPC wood plastic composite can be widely used.




Outdoor cladding model TH-50 takes single small decorative grooves design style. 

With a big width of 245mm, TH-50 has much better installation performance compared with other items. Can be used in container outer decoration, scenic park, hotel, commercial building outer decoration and so on.


————Wpc decking little knowledge————

Wpc plastic wood effect anti graffiti exterior wall panel cladding is very suitable for home and children are young family, the vast majority of children also like to paint their on the wall, it brings very big trouble to her parents.Coowin group, a research and development production of WPC is suing wall panel cladding can be a very quick and convenient to get rid of besmirch, only need to use a piece of sand paper burnish can finish cleaning up, cost savings.




WPC Plastic Wood Effect Anti Graffiti Exterior Wall Pannel Cladding

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