Easy to Clean Warehouse WPC Outdoor Wallboard

​With the continuous development of economic and trade, many companies have set up their own independent warehouses and factories to store all kinds of goods...

Product Details

With the continuous development of economic and trade, many companies have set up their own independent warehouses and factories to store all kinds of goods.When building factories and warehouses, we need to consider the storage and transportation functions of the products.In order to reflect the convenience, in order to reduce the operation cost of the warehouse, in order to reduce the operating pressure in the later period, we need to choose the most convenient materials in the renovation of the warehouse.WPC wallboard has been widely used in many coastal warehouses. Why do you choose this new compound material?

WPC outdoor wallboard is harmless and non-toxic.

Many people take a fancy to the original paint free characteristics of WPC outdoor wallboard because a lot of product need to achieve higher storage effect, not affected by the environment, so the decoration process also needs to reflect the green.And pain-free WPC outdoor wallboard will not release any toxic and harmful substances, the best choice for product storage.

WPC outdoor wallboard conforms to the characteristics of warehouse decoration.

In addition, the installation of WPC outdoor wallboard is mainly composed of combination, and the maintenance is simple in the later stage.What is more important is that the warehouse is the place where the goods are stored.And WPC outdoor wallboard as a special material, its surface has the effect of dustproof, even after the long use, gently wipe with water will be able to remove the surface stain.As a result, many warehouses now begin to promote the use of WPC outdoor wallboard.WPC outdoor wallboard is mostly long strip, also accord with the building structure of warehouse.It is worth noting that WPC outdoor wallboard can be removed at any time for use elsewhere.In terms of decoration, the cost of operators is greatly reduced.


Section SizeTF-04W(157*21mm)
ColorCedar,Red pine,Red wood,Coffee,Light grey, Blue Grey(Customize color)
Surface TreatmentSanded,groove,embossing
Service Lifelong service life nearly 10-15 years.
MaterialWood-plastic Composite(WPC)
Composition50% wood flour, 35-40% plastic (HDPE), 10-15% other additives
Material propertiesHigh strength、Anti-rot and mildew、Insect-resistant、No maintenance.etc
CertificatesCE, CNAS, ISO 9001:2008,FSC
Exported toNorth America, Oceania, Europe, Asia, etc. more than 87 countries
EnvironmentNo need to paint, Non-toxic pollution,100% recyclable

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