Prevent Insects Wood Plastic Composite Exterior Wall Cladding

When we walk down the street, we can see all kinds of exquisite buildings, which are decorated with materials similar to real wood...

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When we walk down the street, we can see all kinds of exquisite buildings, which are decorated with materials similar to real wood.So are these materials really made of natural wood?The answer is no.Most of the building external wall surface USES the original wood plastic composite material, this material has the appearance of real wood, but also has the advantage of composite materials, is the modern decoration industry to promote the new material.


The long life of the composite exterior wall of insect-resistant wood and plastic.

For large buildings, regular renovation is a chore.Therefore, we should consider the use effect in the initial design and construction process.Therefore, it is a priority choice for many designers.Because this kind of exterior wall not only durable, and in many special links have good performance, for example, the wood plastic compound floor is not easy to be eroded by insect ant.In addition, wood - plastic composite walls are not easy to deform and crack...This all accords with the decoration demand of the building.According to the existing decoration cases, it is shown that the service life of the composite exterior wall is longer, and the renovation and maintenance work in the later stage is easier and easier.


It is not easy to change the color of the composite outer wall.

Many of the exterior walls of buildings will fall off, fade or deform many years later, which will greatly affect the aesthetics of the whole building.Therefore, the application technology of anti-insect wood and plastic composite outer wall has broken through these problems, and the paint-free technology is adopted, and its color can be maintained for a long time, and the structural shape is not easily deformed.So the wood plastic composite exterior wall is not only the good material that interior decorates, also be the necessary of outdoor decoration, it is the important technology development in decorating industry.




Exterior Wall Cladding TH-50 takes single small decorative grooves design style. It measures 245mm wide by 23mm high. 

With a large width of 245mm, TH-50 has much better installation performance compared with other items. It features high strength, anti-rot, anti-mold, anti-insect bite, anti-cracking, UV absorption, no burr, non-toxic, no formaldehyde and maintenance free. It is easy to clean and easy to install and can be used in container outer decoration, scenic park, hotel, commercial building outer decoration and so on.


————Wpc decking little knowledge————

Wood effect anti graffiti wpc plastic composite exterior wall cladding is very suitable for home and family with children. The vast majority of children also like to paint on the wall, which brings very big trouble to his/her parents. Coowin group, a research and development production of WPC is suing wall panel cladding can be very quick and easy to clean. Our wall claddings do not need to be painted. Only a piece of sand paper burnish can finish cleaning up, which is cost saving and wall not affect the appearance. 




WPC Plastic Wood Effect Anti Graffiti Exterior Wall Pannel Cladding

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