Anti-fouling protection Wood-Plastic Outdoor Cladding

For most of the outdoor project, outdoor tache in decorating a process can involve the flooring and construction coating, and many other business link...

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For most of the outdoor project, outdoor tache in decorating a process can involve the flooring and construction coating, and many other business link, in complex outdoor environment engineering, pollution of the pressure is relatively large, this needs on the choice of plastic coated plate full consideration to the manifestation of antifouling performance, after all it is related to the engineering quality and the use of core elements, to meet the demand of different construction at the same time is also helpful.


The performance of the board is directly reflected.

There is no denying the fact that the more complex market environment and the construction process, the performance of the plate be extremely rigorous selection natural, after all it is related to the core elements of the engineering quality and construction convenience, at the same time can also be in outdoor engineering on the board that choice has a unified standard, only outdoor cladding material choice, after all, still want to have a understanding on performance characteristics, which manifested intuitively plate performance also nots allow to ignore the core essential factor.


Intensive construction

It is for outdoor project sheet cladding effect is very obvious, is the selection of outdoor cladding material has a unified standard, from this perspective, combined with specific engineering demands to choose the appropriate decoration scheme also is particularly important, and in the process of the actual material selection, or to ensure that the performance of the material itself can have a full play, this also nots allow to ignore to the strengthening the construction of technical support, to meet the demand of different outdoor floor laid of engineering.


Integrate board resources.

From this perspective, people concerned about today's outdoor engineering or table, therefore in decorate detail had obvious changes, at the same time, combining with the construction requirements in the selection of matching high-performance plate also has become an inevitable trend, the resource integration of high quality plate of or are of great help, but also to ensure that the overall effect of the engineering level increased significantly.




Wood Effect Plastic Cladding Exterior model TH-50 takes single sided small decorative grooves design style. It is made of high quality wood fiber mixed with medical resin without glue, formaldehyde, cyanide, benzene and other harmful substances. It is not only beautiful, but also weather-resistant and anti-corrosion. It not only solves the problems of cracking, warping, scarring, moth-eaten and not environmentally friendly of solid wood, but also overcome the weakness of deformation, wear and fading of plastic.

With a big width of 245mm, TH-50 has much better installation performance compared with other items. Can be used in container outer decoration, scenic park, hotel, commercial building outer decoration and so on.


————Wpc decking little knowledge————

Wood Effect Plastic Cladding Exterior panel is very suitable for home and family with young children. The vast majority of children like scrawling graffiti on the wall, which brings very big trouble to parents. Coowin group is commited to the research, development and production of WPC wall panel cladding that can be quick and convenient to get rid of besmirch. Only a piece of sand paper burnish can finish cleaning up.




WPC Plastic Wood Effect Anti Graffiti Exterior Wall Pannel Cladding

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