Factory direct sale corrosion protection WPC material

For practitioners to decorate material, supply channels and stock prices tend to determine the operating performance...

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For practitioners to decorate material, supply channels and stock prices tend to determine the operating performance, regular stock pattern both in the assurance of supply and the rationality of the price is impossible to guarantee, while the decoration materials factory outlet has excellent conditions in various aspects, especially in highly anticorrosive WPC material in the factory direct sales, you can ensure that operators fully meet the performance demand, reasonable purchase price, after all, is crucial to increase sales.


Expand the purchase channel.

There is no denying the fact that is a wide variety of decoration materials specifications and this option provides great convenience for rich consumers, but for operators, you need to bear the greater pressure on purchase cost, after all the sources of different specifications of the decoration materials for is not the same, but for some business ability strong to dealers, can through the factory direct marketing business form reflects the channel advantages, to meet the demand of different materials are of great help.


Good corrosion resistance.

Factory direct sales of decorative materials not only in terms of price advantage obviously, even quite unique material properties, especially for corrosion resistant material, with the performance of the WPC material advantages, so in the factory direct sales model to ensure the materials, give full play to the performance of the outdoor engineering project construction play a positive role is irreplaceable, the key is to be able to rely on the superiority of material performance to adapt to the complex and poor engineering conditions.


Meet different construction requirements.

From this perspective, outdoor engineering construction requirements are more stringent, especially in the anti-corrosion properties of the decoration materials exist strong dependence, and it will need to rely on the mature factory direct sales business model to ensure material supply, the anti-corrosion performance of WPC material, after all, is to have the professional qualification.

Brand NameCOOWIN
Model NumberTH-10
Section Size124mm*23mm
Length2.2m,2.7m,5.4m or customized
ColorCedar,Red pine,Red wood,white,coffee,light grey,Blue Grey,art color,or Customized.
AppearanceLooks and feels like natural wood.
Component50% wood flour, 38% plastic (HDPE), 12% others additive
InstallationInstall easily, need no further processing
Service Life10~15 years,Dimensional Stability
Environmental friendly100% recycle, environmental friendly, saving forest resources,Can be decomposed
Exported toCOOWIN WPC products have been exported to North America (United States, Canada), South America (Bolivia), Europe (England, Norway, Portland and Iceland), Asia (Korea, Singapore, India, Saudi Arabia, and Dubai) and Australia, etc.
CertificatesCE,SGS,CNAS, ISO 9001:2008,FSC,BV

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