WPC Wood Plastic Waterproof Hollow Flooring Decking

Technology co., LTD., in the past, because the decorate industry related products quality level is limited...

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Technology co., LTD., in the past, because decorate industry related products quality level is limited, we often when decorate the use of the subsequent problems, for example: after laid floor decoration effect is very perfect, but can appear in the subsequent use of the floor crack or raised floor, and so on and so forth.If you want a complete solution, you need to remove the floor and reinstall it, which not only wastes a lot of time but also costs more money.Now, the new wood-plastic waterproof hollow floor has been born, can have better anti-temperature difference ability, and reduce the negative impact of heat expansion and shrinkage on the floor.

Hollow floors are more scalable

Now most wood plastic floor adopts hollow design principle, not only to act as a drain, but also to adapt to the change of heat expansion and shrinkage.Because outdoor temperature difference is bigger in a day, the shape of the floor all day is different.Hollow design can better let the floor have a telescopic space, won't appear warped the circumstance of crack.

The wood - plastic floor has a stronger resistance to temperature

The ordinary real wood floor is not only expensive, but its plasticity is poorer, new wood plastic floor not only can have different size according to the requirements of our design specifications, at the same time its use has good temperature resistance.According to the market feedback, the wood - plastic floor can be stable in extremely cold and hot conditions.Therefore, many outdoor places in northern China have adopted WPC wood plastic waterproof hollow floor.The citizens for the use of this kind of floor is an ultra high evaluation, all think that this kind of floor not only has the appearance of the real wood floor, and it has a strong practical function, is suitable for modern outdoor ground laid material.

————WPC decking little knowledge————

The latest co-extrusion technology can provide plastic housing for wood plastic waterproof decking. This layer made of engineering plastic shell, compactness is very high, can achieve 100% resistance to penetration. Different with other wood plastic manufacturers, Coowin group has the ability to provide a fully covered plastic crust for WPC wood plastic waterproof hollow flooring decking, which covers not only the surface, but also include the edge slot and even the empty core piping.

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