Swimming Pool Surround Deck Flooring

Swimming pool around deck floor, easy to install long life swimming pool floor.Want to build beautiful swimming pool surround flooring...

Product Details

Swimming pool around deck floor, easy to install long life swimming pool floor.Want to build beautiful swimming pool surround flooring?Have a try with swimming pool surround deck flooring, then you will find that so easy. The design of the connecting structure and side groove makes the installation as simple as a childhood building block.


Swimming pool surround deck flooring is a wood - plastic composite floor,use this kind of flooring swimming pool will be more durable and security.The hydrophilicity of real wood floor decides it is easy to have infiltration and absorb water expands, this kind of phenomenon causes the direct result is the wood floor texture is soft, the surface easy dent and mildew rot.There's no such problem with WPC swimming pool surround flooring.After mixed modification,WPC swimming pool deck flooring shows obvious anhydra,The expansion rate of the absorbent thickness was lower than 0.01%.By means of co-extrusion technology, the coating shell of advanced engineering plastics can even realize 100% waterproof and anti-penetration!Compared with real wood floors, its lifespan has increased by four to five times, to a staggering 25 years or more.Real wood flooring is easy to produce the burr that can puncture the human body. It will never appear on WPC swimming pool deck flooring.Because its surface is stitched together, it doesn't have a raised wood fiber.WPC swimming pool surround flooring is also far more slippery than hardwood floors.The unique guiding technology is the real wood floor will never be realized.


The swimming pool is surrounded by deck floors and inherits the tactile touch of real wood floors and skin.Wood plastic pool floor USES 80 eyes poplar wood powder, this exquisite wood powder makes the wood plastic swimming pool surround flooring of swimming pool to maintain a comfortable foot feeling, very suitable for walking barefoot.

Anti-skid enhancement safety index

Just mentioned the ground wet problems through real wood floor can be used, the high cost of the real wood floor, for the ordinary pool, comprehensive laid of the real wood floor is unlikely.Therefore, the lower cost of the composite floor is also the preferred choice for builders.Now a lot of the construction of the swimming pools are temporary, after stop using, the wood plastic floor of the demolition work is more simple, do not need to rely on other equipment can be artificial to dismantle.Quick installation and demolition work may also be the reason why people value wood plastic.


The installation of wood plastic floor is very simple

In the past, in order to ensure that wooden floors can be used for long periods after installation, we need to lay wooden frames under the floor or cushion soft foam pads.But with the appearance of the wooden plastic floor, this kind of floor installation work is more and more simple, as long as the ground is basically horizontal, we can be able to lay the wooden plastic floor directly above.Then the design principle of wood - plastic floor is used to connect the grooves and install without any other auxiliary installation tools.For the construction staff of the swimming pool ring floor, their workload is greatly reduced, and the success rate of installation is higher.


The price advantage of wood - plastic floor is obvious

The thick texture of real wood floor highlights the tall on the visual effect, but wood plastic floor in keeping with the wooden floor of visual effect, their surface can be designed through artificial operation.The price of wood plastic floor is far below the real wood floor, it is a good choice for a large swimming pool construction project.The construction of the ring swimming pool is more demanding for the shape of the wood, and the plasticity of the wood floor is more suitable for the standard of awakening swimming pool.Therefore, the swimming pool is surrounded by flooring, which saves money and saves energy, which is highly praised by the industry.

COOWIN Wood Plastic Parameters

Texture: Wood Plastic (50% wood powder+38% HDPE+12%additives)

Model: TH-16

Standard: 134 x 24mm

Length: 2.2-5.4m

Application: Outdoor Floor Decor

Package: Pallet (stretch film+carton box+rain -proof clothing+packing belt)



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