Wood Plastic Moisture Proof Solid Flooring Decking

Wooden moisture-proof core floor can be widely used in landscape, pavilions, waterfront plank road, swimming pool and other near water or wading area...

Product Details

Wooden moisture-proof core floor can be widely used in landscape, pavilions, waterfront plank road, swimming pool and other near water or wading area. Wood-plastic moisture-proof solid floor, to replace the best products of solid wood flooring.

Wood-moisture moisture-proof flooring has a higher density. Its density conforms to the optimum density value calculated by the engineer, which is several times to several times the number of natural wood. Low density to give the water into space, the huge floor of the water swelling rate comes from this. The higher density of the wood-plastic moisture-proof flooring makes it difficult for the rain to penetrate into the grass-roots level, and the water vapor generated during the evaporation process can hardly affect the floor.

The surface of the wood-moisture moisture-proof flooring uses advanced drainage technology, which is rapidly diffused after contact with the liquid, increases the contact area with the air, maximizes the evaporation and keeps the surface dry. When the liquid is more often will be imported into the drainage system.

Wood-plastic composite moisture-proof flooring can be used co-extruded technology for the wood-plastic floor to add a layer of plastic coating, more effectively prevent moisture infiltration into the material inside. And the wood floor of the waterproof coating is not the same, wood plastic floor of the plastic coating made of advanced engineering plastics, water absorption is very low. Coextrusion technology makes the wood-plastic moisture-proof core floor and plastic coating layer closely, its firmness comparable to welding.

Wood-plastic moisture-proof flooring side of the floor is not empty, there is no water storage area. Compared with the hollow wood flooring, the impact of water vapor is further reduced by reducing the area of direct contact with the air.

Wooden moisture-proof solid core floor completely solves the moisture on the impact of the wood plastic deck, its effective service life of up to 25 years. In the actual use of the process, you will increasingly agree with the use of wood moisture core floor to replace the wood floor is a very wise choice.


COOWIN Wood Plastic Parameters

Texture: Wood Plastic (50% wood powder+38% HDPE+12%additives)

Model: TW-K02

Standard: 138 x 26mm

Length: 2.2-5.4m

Application: Outdoor Floor Decor

Package: Pallet (stretch film+carton box

————Wpc decking little knowledge————

Wood plastic WPC moisture proof solid flooring decking is more common on the market demand characteristics, high strength represents life and use tolerance, water absorption, moisture is to prevent mildew and floor factory according to the customer request wholesale Customized different outdoor floor, will display the corresponding strength test content and water absorption test content, but it cannot fully guarantee the quality of the material, the best way is to manufacturers and suppliers for samples, trying to do the simple experiment at home.

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