Wooden Walkway WPC Decking Material for Outdoor

Wooden walkway WPC decking material for outdoor is also made of a wood-plastic material, it is a new material that has been popular in recent years...

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Wooden walkway WPC decking material for outdoor is also made of a wood-plastic material, it is a new material that has been popular in recent years.This is because the wooden walkway WPC decoration material is lower than the original cost of outdoor materials, maintenance is simple, and it is also highly waterproof and anti-corrosive.The installation operation is convenient, so it is widely used, the market application rate is increasing, and the service life is long.So let's talk a little bit about choosing the WPC decorative material for the walkway.

Wood flour is of different quality

Countdown, wood plastic materials industry has developed for more than ten years, the industry is very competitive, so a lot of manufacturers in order to save costs, so that low-cost sales, this will be the corners of the raw materials.The main cost of plastic materials is wood powder and PE.High-quality wood powder quality, so the regular manufacturer USES fine powder, fake and poor manufacturers generally use coarse powder.Wood powder particle size determines the price of the board, no particles, the smaller the higher the price, this is because the more meticulous the wood powder, the higher the cost of flour, so a good wooden footway WPC decorative materials are made of fine wood powder.

PE particles have different qualities

High-quality wooden walkway WPC decoration materials are generally used for quality and stable PE particles.Because of the small price range of PE particles these years, many manufacturers have to control costs.Was to buy those imported waste PE plastic particles, the cost is very low, but quality is also very poor, lead to produce wooden footway WPC decorative material is easy to fracture, safety index is reduced greatly.Service life is also broken, wear-resisting property is very poor, absorb water also very poor, can be cracked at once, the quality is directly can be seen.

So when choosing materials, you must carefully analyze and identify, do not need to buy cheap, buy fake products.


Section SizeTW-K03(150*25mm)
ColorCedar,Red pine,Red wood,coffee,light grey, Blue Grey(Customize color)
Surface TreatmentSanded,embossed,groove,3D embossing
Service Lifelong service life nearly 25-30 years.
MaterialWood-plastic Composite(WPC)
Composition50% wood flour, 35-40% plastic (HDPE), 10-15% other additives
Material propertiesHigh strength、Anti-rot and mildew、Insect-resistant、No maintenance.etc
CertificatesCE, CNAS, ISO 9001:2008,FSC
Exported toNorth America, Oceania, Europe, Asia, etc. more than 87 countries
EnvironmentNo need to paint, Non-toxic pollution,100% recyclable

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