Environmental protection Antibacterial Co-Extruded WPC Composite Flooring

There are many kinds of the compound floor on the market now, main have the real wood floor, solid wood compound floor...

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There are many kinds of the compound floor on the market now, main have the real wood floor, solid wood compound floor, and aggrandizement floor these three kinds.So, how should the environmental antibacterial composite compound floor in family life how to maintain well?Next, let's take a look at the maintenance method of environmental protection antibacterial co-extruded WPC composite flooring.

In addition to the dust

Actually maintain environmental antibacterial co-extrusion compound floor is very simple, daily life can use a vacuum cleaner, and the broom to clean to remove surface dust, also can use wet dishcloth or twist dry mop to clean the floor surface, wipe after to open the window, ventilated breathe freely, try to keep the floor dry.

To grinding crack

If you are damaged by cat claws or other abrasions, remember that you can't clean the composite floor with sandpaper, sander, and steel.If you use light color is compound wooden floor in the home, you can try this little trick, is to use the water that clean out rice scattered on the floor with a dishcloth, attention should be paid to the water that clean out rice equably, need not too big, wipe the five minutes later you'll find that the floor clean.

Daily care

Because environmental protection antibacterial composites compound floor has very strong waterproof moistureproof property, so also need not especially do excessive protective treatment.Is best choice cloth slippers shoes to reduce wear and tear and attached furniture foot pads, so can effectively reduce furniture feet on the floor and try not to let the weight onto the wear-resisting layer.For oil stains, paint, blood, juice, wine, such dirt treatment can be treated with wet dishcloth with the right amount of floor cleaner.Do not use the strong acid and alkaline liquid to clean up the environment of the compound floor.That could bring irreparable harm.


Section SizeCD-02(140*30mm)
ColorCedar,Red pine,Red wood,coffee,light grey, Blue Grey(Customize color)
Surface TreatmentSanded,embossed,groove,3D embossing  etc.
Service Lifelong service life nearly 25-30 years.
MaterialWood-plastic Composite(WPC)
Composition50% wood flour, 35-40% plastic (HDPE), 10-15% other additives
Material propertiesHigh strength、Anti-rot and mildew、Insect-resistant、No maintenance.etc
CertificatesCE, CNAS, ISO 9001:2008,FSC
Exported toNorth America, Oceania, Europe, Asia, etc. more than 87 countries
EnvironmentNo need to paint, Non-toxic pollution,100% recyclable

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