Long Warranty WPC Flooring for Outdoor

In the process of the rapid development of architectural decoration industry, there is a new change of outdoor engineering material selection...

Product Details

As is known to all, outdoor floor laid of engineering need to face a complicated construction conditions, if the floor is unable to provide warranty service purchase, so in the process of construction and subsequent applications would be easy to cause the service life shortened, and the application range of the WPC floor increasingly widened, from largely improve the efficiency of the application of the floor, the performance advantages of wood plastic composites is intuitive.

It is because the demand is relatively large outdoor floor, will have a stringent requirements for production process and floor performance, and in the floor of the conventional construction process, the details of solution is not careful, it is the ordinary floor will appear all sorts of quality problems, but for the widely application of the WPC floor, for perfect after-sale warranty and service system to meet the demand of different construction since so also can ensure the construction ideas of obvious changes.

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