The Compressive WPC Decking Outdoor

Floor types become more and more, to meet the demand of the use of different laid a solid foundation, even the outdoor environment construction...

Product Details

Anti cracking is the performance advantages of wood plastic floor, the floor mainly for outdoor construction need and the performance characteristics of reflected, after all the construction requirements of outdoor floor row for more demanding, harsh construction environment and conditions, need to give full play to the compressed wood plastic outdoor floor outstanding performance advantages, it is also avoid the outdoor cracking situation of technology premise, believe that most of the construction personnel will have a rational cognition.

Considering the performance characteristics of different floor types have is each are not identical, to distinguish between construction in the outdoor environment, but the specific performance of uv protection is to attach great importance to, because the floor laid outside but will be affected by the factors of interference, so the compressed wood plastic outdoor floor good uv protection performance will play to the extreme, to ensure the actual application on overall efficiency can be improved.



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