Eco Friendly Outdoor WPC Flooring

Eco friendly outdoor WPC flooring, this is a new type of environmentally friendly composite products...

Product Details

Eco friendly outdoor WPC flooring, this is a new type of environmentally friendly composite products, in the course of the use, with some relevant material, and then made into the composite floor.

More and more places are being used, and there are some advantages to it. We can understand it correctly and then we can better use it.


In the process of using the wood plastic floor, have very good waterproof and moistureproof function.In the process of the whole application, wood products are actually solved, and there are some problems in the humid environment, and some of them are prone to rot after damp, or they are the problems of the expansion and deformation.Being able to adapt to more environments has certain benefits for the whole use.



Not only that, we also have a good anti-insect repellant in the process of using wood and plastic flooring, which is also very important.When using the traditional wood floor, a lot of people will find can't better insect-resistant termite, often happen such problem, they will be fine for the whole application, so I hope we all can be better to use.

Many colors

The color of the wood floor is relatively less, but the wood plastic floor is colorful, can give us more colors, not only have these natural wood texture, and in the entire color can be customized by according to our demand, so for the entire application is actually better.

In different environments, we can customize different colors and use more protection in the process of use and will be better in effect.


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