Self-extinguishing Solid Outdoor WPC Flooring

Considering the conditions of outdoor environment construction is inevitable...

Product Details

Considering the conditions of outdoor environment construction is inevitable, only need has a clear thinking on the choice of the floor, and the performance characteristics of WPC wood plastic composite floor have a comprehensive cognition, to the present has rational cognitive performance advantages, it is also a self-extinguishing advantage can get give full play to the reason why, after all, its fire hazard evading capability or advantage is obvious, and this is the basic premise of performance levels increased significantly.

As outdoor floor construction conditions mature, in the face of bad construction conditions also can complete the construction task, especially in the machining process has improved significantly and improve later, has been in the performance of wooden floor level have increased significantly, this to meet the performance requirements self-extinguishing wood floor also has played a very good supporting role, after all, wood plastic composite whole process to broaden the application scope, self-extinguishing advantage of WPC floor also have the intuitive ascension.

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