Custom Color Eco-Friendly WPC Building Material

As everyone knows, good building materials can give people a comfortable sense of experience, so now everyone will look at the quality of materials especially...

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As everyone knows, good building materials can give people a comfortable sense of experience, so now everyone will look at the quality of materials especially when choosing home decoration materials.Along with the development of science and technology, environmental protection of the WPC building materials should be formed, and become a popular new building materials, the material not only environmental health, still can choose a lot of design, meet the diverse needs of consumers, have wood grain, pure color, texture is clear and won't fade, wear resistance is very high.


Suggest that you can choose a lighter color with a simple texture so that no matter what furniture can be matched, there is not too much requirement.

Because from the aesthetic point of view, the color collocation of the space, besides white and black, had better not more than three kinds of color, will be more harmonious.

If you don't have a professional designer to match, the most conservative way is to choose a light-colored floor and wall with dark furniture.


If you want some color as a foil, you can choose gold or silver, which is an embellished color.It is recommended to use the matching scheme of the same color scheme in the non-closed format of the house space and can be used in different Spaces.Notice the color of the ceiling is lighter than the color of metope, if metope is brunet, the ceiling must choose the light color, look to coordinate.As for the floor, it is recommended that you do not use dark green, which will have a great impact on the beauty and difficult to match.In the kitchen, try not to choose warm colors, except yellow.

The above is about custom color eco-friendly WPC building material some color collocation suggestion, to be used as the collocation reference, hope to decorate the friend to be helpful.

Section Size TS-04A(150*20mm)
Color Cedar,Red pine,Red wood,coffee,light grey, Blue Grey(Customize color)
Surface Treatment Sanded,embossed,groove,3D embossing
Service Life long service life nearly 25-30 years.
Material Wood-plastic Composite(WPC)
Composition 50% wood flour, 35-40% plastic (HDPE), 10-15% other additives
Material properties High strength、Anti-rot and mildew、Insect-resistant、No maintenance.etc
Certificates CE, CNAS, ISO 9001:2008,FSC
Exported to North America, Oceania, Europe, Asia, etc. more than 87 countries
Environment No need to paint, Non-toxic pollution,100% recyclable

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