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WPC Materials Can Replace Wood

Oct 31, 2017

As the WPC Materials than simple wood and plastic can not match many advantages, has been widespread concern at home and abroad. The material is green and environmentally friendly materials, can be recycled low-cost waste wood and plastic, with this technology to produce WPC Materials can replace the use of wood, effectively alleviate our lack of forest resources due to the shortage of timber supply contradiction.

The advantages of WPC Materials

1, social economy is good, sustainable development, especially for China's "natural forest protection" national policy

2, durable, long life, similar to the appearance of wood, plastic hardness than high

3, with excellent physical properties, better than the wood stability, will not produce cracks, warping, no wood knots, twill, add colorants, film or composite surface can be made of colorful products

4, with thermoplastic processing, easy to shape, with the general plastic processing equipment or a slight transformation can be molded after processing. Processing equipment, new investment funds less, easy to promote the application

5, similar to the secondary processing of wood, can be cut, bonded, fixed with a nail or bolts

6, conducive to decoration, decoration, can be painted landscaping, product specifications shape can be adjusted according to user requirements, flexibility

7, not afraid of insects, anti-aging, corrosion resistance, water absorption is small, will not moisture deformation

8, can be reused and recycling, can be biodegradable to protect the environment

9, conducive to environmental protection, available waste wood, crop fiber and waste plastics for materials

10, resource-rich, low cost, low cost

Buy WPC Materials

1, color: good WPC Materials color is relatively soft and natural, close to the color of wood, when the dyeing is not too bright. But the general times the color of wood-plastic composite or bright or dark, uneven dyeing.

2, the product surface: good WPC Materials surface or smooth or frosted, but relatively flat and consistent, neat specifications. When the study found that the surface uneven or uneven size, we should pay attention to the quality of the next product.

3, waterproof: As the WPC Materials through a special process of processing a strong waterproof and moisture-proof effect, when you put the WPC Materials immersed in water for ten minutes after the observation out if the damp, flooding reaction, you have to pay attention.

4, fire: WPC Materials in a good waterproof effect at the same time there is a good fire function, when you use the fire to test the time to do a good job of protection awareness, fire test results we have to analyze one by one.