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WPC Flame Retardant Restaurant Outdoor Cladding

Nov 27, 2017

WPC Flame Retardant Outdoor Cladding.jpg

WPC fire retardant restaurant outdoor coating is a self-customization wall panel in the restaurant. The goal is to reduce the damage and impact of the potential fire accidents.Using WPC fire retardant restaurant outdoor cladding is a responsible performance of customers and society.


Importance of WPC fire retardant restaurant outdoor cladding.In the past few years, fires in restaurant kitchens are no longer surprising, as there are millions of them.Fast-food restaurants, burger joints, and restaurants that use open fire in the kitchen have been a disaster area.Gas and cooking oil are the main causes of the fire, and the causes of these fires are varied.Fire accidents not only damage restaurants but also threaten customers' lives and surrounding buildings.But restaurants are unlikely to give up on the open fire, and burger king, an American restaurant, once boasted of its own fire scene as a propaganda poster and proudly claimed that its burgers were baked in real fire.In this case, it is particularly important to use WPC fire retardant restaurant outdoor cladding.


Flame retardancy of WPC fire retardant restaurant's outdoor coating.Level B1 is hard to burn, and it needs to exceed 400 degrees Celsius.When contact with the flame, it has an obvious endothermic effect, which can weaken the combustible material near the source of fire and the pyrolysis after gasification, and prolong the time of the fire to disaster.When fire accident happens, WPC fire retardant restaurant outdoor layer can effectively inhibit flame spread, block flame and combustible contact, prevent a chain reaction.WPC fire retardant restaurant outdoor coating will not release any poisonous gas during combustion, creating better environmental conditions for escape.


WPC fire retardant restaurant outdoor coating is helpful to improve fire safety level, which is a strategic measure to reduce fire loss.