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WPC Exterior Plastic Wall Panel Cladding For Mobile Home Outside Ideas

May 21, 2018

We are working together with the ten most significant mobile home manufacturers in Shandong province, in demand of the WPC outside plastic wall panel metal cladding for the mobile home outside ideas. Long-term cooperation makes us could get an improved understanding of the needs of mobile home outdoors walls. In addition to by using a variety of colors and textures to improve the ornamental, the WPC outside plastic wall panel metal cladding provides the necessary safety for mobile home outdoors walls.

WPC exterior plastic material wall panel cladding for mobile home exterior ideas, effective anti-ultraviolet radiation to prevent mobile home outside cracking. Additionally, the excellent waterproof and moisture-proof anti-penetration function can avoid the rainfall from erosion and improve the living comfort of the activity houses. Mobile phone home exterior ideas, the defense against WPC outside plastic wall panel metal cladding can prolong the life of the active house.


Outdoor cladding model TH-10 takes single level design style and has small semi-circle decorative bands in the surface. Flawlessly fit tenon and mortise structure can greatly improve installation efficiency. Wall metal cladding connection does not need to drill the hole and nail a nail, can improve beautiful degree already, can eliminate safety concealed trouble again. We offer customers with 6 varieties of classic color, suited to home, villas and other building's outer decoration.