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WPC - Embellishment Of Landscape Works

Jul 10, 2017

Landscaping works will generally use wood flooring, wooden stool, wooden box, the majority of solid wood as the main material.

I want to say a real situation:

In the Zhongshan Park and the zoo and botanical garden, I noticed the bench, flower box, corridor and floor, even if the maintenance of three months, or damage is very serious, warping, cracking, insects are everywhere, beautiful scenery , Alone more than this discord. Children are attracted to the flowers in the box, will be close from the flower box, but ordinary wood flower box for a long time, will be corroded, which a lot of ants, insects. Very unhealthy,this is a pity!

If all the decorative materials into Wood - plastic composite, it would be what kind of scene? Just Wood - plastic composite materials anti-corrosion, moisture, insect moth, mildew, sunscreen these advantages, you can be solid wood and antiseptic wood completely down. Really hope that the whole people know the Wood - plastic composite,the world will become more beautiful!

WPC decking .jpg