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WPC Decking Detail, Know Us From Nuance.

Sep 11, 2017

Companies that don't care about details aren't companies that can run for long. Today we are going to share the details of Coowin WPC, feel Coowin's charm, and understand why Coowin can become the leader of China's WPC industry. 

Coowin only uses 80 mesh poplar powder and from the United States dupont company's HDPE plastic, and high-quality raw materials achieve excellent quality. Every process will be inspected for quality, and qualified can enter into processed next. Recommend the product model according to the local environment and requirements of the customer, make sure it is applicable and durable. We will follow up the installation plan and the using effect. 

Know us from nuance, We are more familiar with WPC decking detail, more understanding of wood plastic. 

WPC decking detail.jpg

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