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Wood-plastic Products Are More Effective Flame-retardant

May 16, 2017

Wood-plastic products are more effective Flame-retardant: wood-plastic sheet from the scope of use, the scope of application is very wide, interior decoration, outdoor villa garden decoration, landscape engineering, construction, etc. are suitable for wood-plastic plate decoration areas: Indoor and outdoor decorative materials use trade-off standards, large direction, the use of safety and environmental protection This is the theme, anti-rotten, pest control, which also should pay special attention, that is, the board of sound insulation, and anti-flammable effect. 

Only to meet the above conditions, this decorative material can really be the consumer pro-Lai. May industry practitioners know how to solve this problem, adding a certain anti-flame retardant, not to solve it, in my opinion may not affect the performance of the plate there are many reasons, raw material selection, additives and domestic imports are also pure Very different, the amount of additives added, after joining the passage of time, plate properties will be gradually reduced, these will have an impact. 

But now for us, the plate quality, service, after-sales, is the first, is our career, more than 10 years of experience, and carries the spirit of continuous innovation, many problems we have solved The Sheet strength, waterproof, anti-rotative properties, anti-flame retardant, to prevent fading, to prevent disc fading, to prevent sheet shrinkage, to prevent mold mold, and many other problems have a practical breakthrough. I believe that the future industry leader will be closer to us.