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Wood-plastic New Materials Will Become The Future New Favorite

Jun 01, 2017

In recent years, due to the transitional felling led to dust storm intensified, causing the national departments attach great importance to legislation to strengthen the protection of forestry resources and ecological environment. Timber resources are increasingly scarce, people have turned to their alternative products. In the production of plastic, add straw, wood chips, sawdust, rice husk and other plant fiber materials, the formation of a new environmentally friendly materials - wood-plastic new materials. Wood-plastic new materials in line with the current trend of low-carbon environmental protection, the development potential of huge market prospects.

The new materials can also be used in plastic, steel, wood, And the development of hot spots.

China after several years of development, has been made in the technical aspects of a certain breakthrough, but the actual production and application situation is not ideal. The main reason for this situation is that technology is not mature, can not be industrialized, large-scale production, high cost lead to higher prices. In addition, China's lack of professional plastic recycling agencies, the classification of plastic recycling is not enough.

At this point, China should be developed as soon as possible related to industry standards, to promote the healthy and stable development of new wood-plastic materials.