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Wood Plastic Deck, Cup From Summer Evening

May 02, 2018

We hope "We have a wood-plastic deck in your garden" and hope our company can be welcomed.

I want to stop the garden and the living room from seeing the driveway/sidewalk because it is a precious garden, so I hope "twilight for a summer" or "grill" hope.

The material is wood-plastic, which is highly valued in terms of price, and the coloring is performed with the popular red pine color. Since this will not spread the wooden deck over the entire garden, it is necessary to leave some garden parts in order to ensure that people walk on the wires. This time I have a margin of about 90 centimeters, even if I have my luggage.

Blindfolded blinds were set at a height of 1.4 meters from the deck floor and 1.8 meters high. Of course, if a tall man is walking on the road, this is an exception, but most people are owners on the deck.

Even if I look at the living room, the gap is 12 mm, which is the same as the thickness of the artificial fencing material. If you look straight ahead, there will be gaps and the wind will escape. However, if the size is the same as the thickness of the tree, if the clearance is set, the thickness of the tree will interfere and it will be difficult to see even if it is observed at a certain angle. With this, you are free to enjoy it without worrying about your eyes.

?L-shaped long steps are provided on the channel side connecting the main table and the main door. Its design makes it easy to ascend and descend from anywhere on the main deck and bridge corridors. To the main deck, etc. If you place your legs on the steps and put your feet on it, you can use it like a bench and use it in a multiplayer game.

Decking (25).jpg