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Wood Plastic Composites Is Healthy And Environmentally Friendly

May 20, 2017

Definition of plastic floor:

Wood-plastic composite sheet is a kind of wood (wood cellulose, plant cellulose) as the base material and thermoplastic polymer materials (plastic) and processing aids, etc.,

mixed and then by the mold equipment heating and extrusion made of High-tech green materials, both wood and plastic properties and characteristics, can replace wood and plastic new environmentally friendly high-tech materials, the English Wood Plastic Composites abbreviated as WPC.

Wooden flooring is made of wood-plastic composite floor, with the same processing characteristics of wood, the use of ordinary tools can be sawing, drilling, on the nail, very convenient, can be used as ordinary wood. At the same time with wood wood texture and plastic water corrosion characteristics, making it a good performance and very durable outdoor waterproof anti-corrosion building materials.

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First, wood flooring in the international community is regarded as the 21st century innovation and technology of polymer wood flooring, will live healthy and comfortable, green, stylish and beautiful, cost stability, easy decoration and so on in one, cut a striking figure by the decoration business And the head of the welcome, become the protagonist of interior decoration. Wood-plastic composite flooring performance is good, moisture and water, acid and alkali, tasteless, fungi, antistatic, moth, Mianqi, in line with the human body comfort. The kind of flooring to polyvinyl chloride (PVC) as the main raw material, its fire and smoke density to meet the national B1 standard, with superior flame resistance, an increase of the safety factor of human habitation. Especially for geothermal heating floor effect is very good. Japan, South Korea, North America has been widely used, the floor absolutely zero formaldehyde, benzene, is an excellent choice for home decoration. Wood-plastic composite flooring good features so that many people on their "love at first sight." In addition, the wood plastic floor color uniform, natural lines, showing a realistic wood flavor, can reflect the concept of personalized decoration. The following are the same as the "

Wood flooring is a substitute for solid wood flooring and flooring products, it overcomes the solid wood flooring and strengthen the floor fear of water, formaldehyde and other harmful substances defects, from the fundamental play a large number of forest wood conservation, reduce white pollution, maintain ecological balance Good effect. Can be widely applied to the living room, bathroom, conference rooms, sports venues, parks and other indoor and outdoor places.

Second, the wooden floor in the consumer of the traditional solid wood flooring easy to deformation, not easy maintenance, not moisture, not waterproof, not wear, easy to fade, poor stability, the installation process both wasted and cumbersome cumbersome procedures and strengthen the composite floor Contains formaldehyde, not waterproof and other shortcomings and worry! Adapt to the green, healthy and new energy trends, keeping up with market demand, high technology content, people shines bright plastic, wood flooring appeared.


Wood plastic floor to "environmental protection, health" for the idea of "high quality and efficient" as the goal to develop in line with market demand, the new essentials of the patented product - wood flooring. Wood-plastic floor is made of wood fiber mixed with plastic heating and heating materials, it is different from the past, fiber and glue bonding from the high love floor. Wood plastic floor waterproof, non-formaldehyde, flooring industry is the most thorough innovation, the most thorough progress.

Wood flooring has nine major product features:

 1, wood flooring products durable, aging resistance, long life, the service life of up to 20 years.

 2, good stability, no deformation, no cracking, no warping, 

 3, the appearance of natural wood products, natural beauty, comfortable design, no knuckles, no twill, no color. 

 4, wood plastic floor can be nailed, can be shaved, can paint, can be sticky. 

 5, professional waterproof, mildew, anti-corrosion, pest control, antibacterial.

 6, the construction easy to use simple, easy to shape, high toughness.

 7, wood flooring products high temperature 60 degrees, low temperature -30 degrees. 

 8, anti-static.

 9, health and environmental protection, the product has passed the Bureau of Quality Inspection Bureau, the manufacturing process does not use any glue, free of formaldehyde, cyanobenzene and other harmful substances, exempt from decoration pollution.

Wood flooring also has a composite function of wood and plastic, the advantages of wood-plastic floor for the hollow structure to reduce the weight of the floor, voice, but also ventilation, and timely take the floor of the water, so that the ground to keep dry. Wood and plastic floor is not moldy and anti-aging, Naisuan Jian, anti-pest, easy processing, non-toxic, tasteless and other characteristics, appearance, feel similar to natural wood, can be saw, can plan, drill, Wood flooring with solid wood flooring surface gloss, and the color difference is smaller than the solid wood flooring. Environmental protection, health, never deformation, board beautiful. Waterproof, anti-skid, wear durable, suitable for living room, kitchen, toilet, school, hospital, sports field, shopping malls, laboratories, bathing and other environments, with the consumer attention to indoor environmental pollution, wood plastic floor will replace Waterproof, formaldehyde-containing floor is not easy to maintain the maintenance of wear-resistant, easy to deformation, the installation of solid wood flooring and become the new darling of home decoration materials.