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Wood - Plastic Composite Panel Water - Absorbing Knowledge Classroom

Jul 01, 2017


The moisture content and water absorption of the wood-plastic composites are closely related, to some extent, relate to the "hygroscopicity" of the filler.

But the moisture content per unit weight of the filler in the specific conditions (for example, after drying or during the drying process) contains the weight of water (percentage), and the water absorption capacity usually refers to the maximum achievable water content or in the external conditions to achieve balance After the moisture content.

If the moisture content of the filler is high, it will result in the formation of water vapor during the mixing or extrusion process, which may result in a higher porosity, that is, a lower density, which reduces the strength and modulus of the material , Accelerated the use of the process of oxidation rate, therefore,  also reducing the service life of the plate.

(Usually calcium carbonate and calcium silicate, talc, aluminum hydroxide and mica and other filler moisture content is low)

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