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Wood Plastic Composite Material —— Feature

Jul 08, 2017


1. WPC  material is a new type of environmentally, eco friendly and energy-saving composite materials, substitute for wood., 100% recyclable.

2.WPC product make the project look fresh and natural and beauty.

3.With various assembly styles, it can help people express the creativity.

4. Waterproof, moisture-proof, mothproof and anti-mildew.

5.WPC decking also play the role of UV block and WPC has very low thermal conductivity.

6.Dimension stability against moisture and temperature.

7. High strength, low wear and tear, non-swelling, no deformation and not broken.

8. Shorten construction period and enhance labor efficiency due to it is the profiles with standard size that it only need some cropping and necessary appendix to finish the installation, need no further processing.

9. Long service lifetime about 25-30 years but it needs no special maintenance, which will save lots of unnecessary maintenance costs.

Developing with the recognition of people, wood plastic has become more and more widely used in real life.

Wood Plastic Composite Material —— Feature

Examples of WPC Features & Applications

WPC FeatureApplication
No CrackingOutdoor,bench,Highway soundproof board
Anti-wormedFlower frame, Fence, Pavilion
Anti-flameEco cabin, Ammunition packaging
Waterproof MoistureproofBeach chair, Wharf plank
AntioxidantForest walkway, Park stairs
Anti-ultravioletShip deck, Spare auto tyre cover
High Strength No DistortingRailway sleeper, Door & Window frame