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Wood Plastic Composite Flooring For Outdoor Landscape

May 23, 2018

Outdoor landscape wood-plastic composite flooring, suitable for outdoor landscape quality wood-plastic composite flooring. Compared with wood, stone, outdoor landscape wood-plastic composite floor in the performance of a number of advantages.

Comparison of Outdoor Landscape Wood - Plastic Composite Flooring and Wood Flooring. Solid wood flooring is a hydrophilic material, moisture-proof waterproof performance is poor, significant effect of water swelling. Wood-plastic floor by increasing the density of the plate, adding waterproof coating and other means to effectively solve the damp and liquid infiltration problems. Solid wood floor wear resistance is poor, short life, installed in general can not be more than five years. Solid wood flooring is also easy to crack and produce glitches, there are security risks. These problems for outdoor landscape wood-plastic composite flooring, all do not exist.

Outdoor landscape wood - plastic composite floor and stone, floor tiles comparison. Natural stone cutting difficult, the installation of trouble, the hardness is too high but more likely to break. Wood flooring installation is much simpler, do not need large equipment, do not need to consume a lot of labor costs. The laying of tiles requires the use of cement and other viscous substances, which are the key to fixed tiles. But this type of auxiliary material is very easy to be water erosion, resulting in the bottom of the floor tile. Floor tiles are no longer fixed, when the empty water, it may be splashed on the pedestrian body. Outdoor landscape wood-plastic composite flooring can achieve a labor, then no longer trouble. The keel which is used for fixed wood plastic flooring, it has a strong outdoor adaptability, too.

Outdoor landscape wood-plastic composite flooring, sidewalks, park plazas, outdoor platforms and other regional flooring materials the best choice. The best performance, the most efficient way to install, as well as the most simple maintenance methods, the answer is in the outdoor landscape wood-plastic composite floor.