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Wood Plastic Composite Decking Outdoor Floor For Garden

May 08, 2018

Individuals with private small gardens should note that wood-plastic composite is refreshing the use of garden floor data.

If you are using stone, ordinary stone surface rough, single color, appears not elegant enough. For the same time, natural stone is not safe enough, if not carefully screened and tested, you may well be being harmed by radioactive elements. Marble is expensive and has a high maintenance cost for the outdoor environment to be easily damaged.

If you work with wooden, garden wood flooring by the impact of environmental humidity, water vapor could make the wood floor areas, destruction of the interior structure, so that the garden floor more sensitive. At the same time, insects and microbes in the garden are widespread, and the wood floors are easily biting and breakdown.

Are these problems annoying you? You choose to be careful to maintain, regularly dyed and closed; or choose the most extravagant approach - regular replacement! In fact, no need to be so troublesome, you should try the wood-plastic composite materials.

Coowin Group is a professional supplier of wood-plastic composites that supplies the most outdoor garden floor for private gardens. Coowin garden floor has lots of|many models, each model has a different surface and structure, exquisite workmanship, deep skill, you can make your garden more gorgeous, appears more content. WPC is an environmentally friendly product, does not contain any toxic substances and damaging gases, to ensure that no harm to individual health. The wonder is that Coowin wood-plastic composite can also adapt the environment humidity and temperature to some extent, making the garden better suited for outdoor activities. WPC's unique process makes it a powerful insect-resistant and anti-corrosion function, and since the firm of no longer needs to re-processing and refinement. It will not need to be dyed, colorful, real, only three months after setting up, in order to.

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