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The WPC Flame Retardant Outdoor Flooring Advantage

May 07, 2018

WPC fire-retardant and crack-resistant outdoor flooring for arid and semi-arid areas, suited to hot and humid areas, specifically, such as sub-Saharan The african continent, the Middle East, Midwest Australia, Central America and other regions. WPC fire retardant and crack outdoor flooring, the flame resistant can reduce the security hazards in these areas, anti-cracking effect can reduce the frequency of outdoor floor replacement.

WPC flare retardant and crack-resistant outdoor flooring flame retardant. The above areas have one thing in common - dry, there is a common problem - natural combustion. Wood flooring applications in these areas will raise the risk of natural combustion, in the event of a fire, they can immediately be transformed into fuel. WPC flare retardant and crack-resistant outdoor flooring can help reduce the risk of spontaneous combustion and protect the personal safety and property security of owners. Wood-plastic floor in the production process to include a flame resistant, its ignition point of more than 400 degrees Celsius. At the same time, WPC flame-retardant and crack-resistant outdoor floors areextremely difficult to burn chemicals, in the event of fire, WPC floor can help isolate the fire. When the open fire disappears, the WPC floor will quickly extinguish itself.

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