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The Users Are Advised To Use The Following Bamboo Plate Processing Methods:

Apr 14, 2017

1, before use, please check the bamboo furniture board is not complete structure.

2, if it is a single layer of bamboo furniture board and other materials, composite sheet, please clean, flat and bamboo furniture board composite substrate material to ensure that there is no impurities, no greasy and so on. Substrate surface must be completely flat, can not have bumps. If the substrate is made of wood, make sure that the moisture content of the material is close to the moisture content of the bamboo furniture plate, and it avoids the large amount of the substrate after its compound with the furniture plate.

3, the bamboo furniture board can be used in the case of the appropriate adhesive with a variety of different materials, please carefully select the adhesive, to the adhesive dealer to understand the variety of adhesive, performance and use.

4, evenly brushing adhesive to ensure that the adhesive coated surface covering the entire composite surface, can not leave blank.

5, in the adhesive before curing the bamboo furniture board and the substrate compound, with the pressure plate surface pressure flat, the excess adhesive and the inside of the bubble out.

6, if the whole multi-layer bamboo furniture board directly as a furniture panel and other furniture accessories portfolio, please grasp the width of bamboo furniture board size, too wide plate prone to deformation of the arch, so for a large area of the whole board Application We recommend the use of vertical and horizontal cross-structure bamboo furniture board.

Correct and appropriate method of processing bamboo plate, can fully show the unique color of bamboo, texture and texture, and improper processing methods will lead to bamboo plate may not be used, may lead to cracking, deformation, or even mold, fail to achieve the desired effect The Therefore, it is very important to master the correct method of processing bamboo plate.