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The Technology Of WPC Materials Production Should Be Strengthened

Oct 20, 2017

With the increasing emphasis on the use of waste plastics and the growing shortage of wood resources, with wood flour or other natural plant fiber to fill the plastic renewable materials, made of special equipment, plastic materials and finished products, because of its both plastic and The two characteristics of the wood, these years exposed, and gradually become the world attention and development of the popular.

But through several years of development, WPC Materials in the country's production and use of the situation is not up to the front, on the one hand the results of difficult industrialization, and on the other hand WPC Materials production company is also poor sales. Why is the potential for environmental protection and new information on the quality of wood and plastic materials?

Through several years of development and use found that the processing of WPC Materials than ordinary plastic products difficult, high demand. Now most of the domestic skills from the foreign skills information digestion, absorption, despite some success, but there are many industrial work to do.

And some production companies only to see the prospects of WPC Materials and wood, while ignoring the other questions, processing equipment, technical skills are not up to the request, the commodity level does not go; a small number of companies to produce molded plastic packaging materials, Due to the small amount of wood filling capacity, high cost, short mall competitiveness. Therefore, with the use of the field of broadening, how to further improve the function of WPC Materials has become the development of scientific research personnel points, wood-plastic material production technology improvement, the development of special equipment and additives choice, also need to further strengthen the study.