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The Importance Of Wood-plastic Sheet Coupling Agents, Lubricants And Other Additives

Jun 28, 2017

(1) Coupling

Because the plant fiber is hydrophilic but plastic is hyfrophobic, they need to fused completely to get the better performance material. So during the produce process, we would use some coupling. In BEARFOOT, we choose low concentration grafting maleic anhyride to be the coupling. By using this coupling we can insure the combination of raw materials completely and stable. Coupling agent is usually kept relatively low dosage ( no more than 3%-5% by weight ).



(2) Lubricant

A small amount of lubricant used during produce can increase the production observably. Good for raw material combination, reduce fracture phenomenon and low down the melting temperature.



(3) Other Additives

To better meet the demand of customer, let our production adjust to different areas and environment, we will choose other different additives to improve the features. For example, we add a certain amount of UV absorbing agent for that seaside or sun-filled region.

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