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The Impact Of Forests On The Environment(6)

Aug 08, 2017
  • Measures to cope with sea level rise

Study the impact of sea level rise, coupled with urban planning, improve flood control and drainage capacity

Strengthen the flood control walls, trim the river, improve the flood discharge capacity, eliminate the threat of waterlogging

Establishment of coastal dams

  • Acid rain hazards

So that rivers and lakes acidification, affecting the growth of fish and even death

So that the soil acidification, harm forest, crop growth

Erosion of buildings and cultural relics

Harm human and animal health

  • Measures to reduce CO2 or SO2

Planting trees and grass

Prevent forest fires

Improve the energy consumption structure, the use of clean energy

Reduce waste emissions and use public transport as much as possible

Carry out technological innovation and reduce the emission of the gas

Adjust the industrial structure, strengthen management, limit the emissions of the gas and more enterprises

Increase the policy support and economic subsidies to the new energy industry

Strengthen publicity and education, promote low-carbon life