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The Impact Of Forests On The Environment(5)

Aug 07, 2017

The impact of global warming

  • Sea-level rise

  • Crops: Increased latitudes in high latitudes, prolonged growth periods, and improved crop yields.

                 In the low latitude area, drought is aggravated, resulting in insufficient water supply and crop reduction

  • Drought and flood disaster intensified, aggravate the instability of water resources and supply and demand

Measures to cope with sea level rise

  • Study the impact of sea level rise, coupled with urban planning, improve flood control and drainage capacity,

  • Strengthen the flood control wall, trim the river, improve the flood discharge capacity, eliminate the threat of waterlogging,

  • Establishment of coastal dams.

Acid rain hazards

  • So that rivers and lakes acidification, affecting the growth of fish and even death

  • So that the soil acidification, harm forest, crop growth

  • Erosion of buildings and cultural relics

  • Harm human and animal health