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The Impact Of Forests On The Environment(4)

Aug 04, 2017
  • The role of wetlands

Maintain water

Adjust the climate and increase the air humidity

Degradation of pollutants

Adjust runoff

Protect the ecological environment

flood storage and drought

Conservation of biological diversity

  • Wetland degradation

Wetland ecological function decline, deterioration of ecological environment

Fresh water resources are reduced and water levels are reduced

Climate continental enhancement, the climate tends to drought, the temperature difference is increasing

Increased precipitation variability, frequent flood and drought disasters

Water purification capacity decreased, water quality deterioration

Decent reduction in biodiversity

  • Factors that affect the temperature


  • Valley, basin terrain is not easy to lose heat, high temperatures

  • The slope of the lower slope temperature is higher

  • Terrain flat, cold air can drive straight, low temperature

  • High or low terrain, hinder the cold air temperature is higher / conducive to the winter monsoon stagnation temperature is low

  • Latitude

Land and sea location

The underlying surface

Pneumatic belt (example: affected by the westerly belt, the temperature is higher)

The nature of the ocean currents

Distance from the winter wind source


Human activities (eg emissions from greenhouse gases)