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The Impact Of Forests On The Environment(3)

Aug 03, 2017
  • Desertification hazards

1. Wetland area is reduced, grassland degradation, land is exposed, the ecological environment is more fragile

2. The decline in land productivity, food, pasture production, resulting in economic losses

3. cause a sandstorm

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  • The role of grid grid barrier

1.Increase surface roughness, reduce wind power

2. Cut off the water to increase the water content of the sand layer

3. conducive to sand plant survival

  • The cause of wetlands

1. low-lying, poor drainage

2. Precipitation concentrated and heavy rain

3. River network intensive runoff rich / late autumn and early spring flood, high groundwater level

4. Long latitude, cold in winter and long / low temperature, weak evaporation

5. soil sticky weight / frozen soil layer, surface water is not easy to seepage

6. Vegetation conditions are good, strong water conservation capacity

7. River along the river marsh / located in the estuary delta, more beach