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The Impact Of Forests On The Environment

Aug 01, 2017
  • The Impact Of Forests On The Environment

       Water:Cut off the precipitation, slow surface runoff, increase rainwater infiltration, water conservation,Keep the soil and water is not lost.

       Gas: regulate the climate.

       Net: clean air.

       Beauty: beautify the environment.

       Things: multiply species, maintain biodiversity.

       Dust:Smoking and dust removal.

       Sand:Wind and sand, protect farmland.

       Earth:Supply of soil organic matter.

       Rainforest:Maintain the Earth's atmospheric carbon and oxygen balance.

                          Promote global water cycle, regulate global water balance.


  • Impact of vegetation damage 

    Vegetation function of water conservation, soil erosion increased, river sediment concentration increased.

    Transpiration is weakened and atmospheric precipitation is reduced.

    Infiltration decreased, underground runoff reduced.

    Surface runoff variability increases, frequent flood and drought disasters.

    The temperature difference is larger and the continental climate is enhanced.

    Destruction of biodiversity.

    Deterioration of the ecological environment.

    Soil erosion increased soil fertility, soil barren.

    Rainforest:Global warming is not conducive to global carbon and oxygen balance.


  • Measures to protect forests / rainforests

    Strengthen environmental education, improve citizens' awareness of environmental protection.

    Encourage conservation development, such as forest / rainforest sightseeing, ecotourism.

    Combination of fertility,Forest selective harvesting combined with reforestation.

    Strengthen the construction of the buffer zone,Reduce the opportunities for immigrants and farming to enter the forest / rainforest area.

    Improve timber utilization.

    Development of wood substitutes.

    The establishment of an international fund to benefit the local from management and protection.