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The Challenge Which The WPC Industry Is Facing Now

May 11, 2017

The challenge which the WPC industry is facing now:


1. How to let the domestic wood plastic quality reach the international level ?

2. How to reduce the produce cost and let more people accept wood plastic on the premise of quality guarantee ?

3. How to break the existing technology and start a new technology innovation to improve the produce efficiency ?


Domestic wood plastic industry has developed more than 10 years by now, at the beginning of its rise, all technical indexes, production formulas are imported from abroad, the same as produce equipment. After years of constant development, wood plastic technology in China has a qualitative leap at present. On the basis of foreign original technology, domestic professional technical personnel has studied a lot and taken efforts to improve the equipment little by little, and it’s nice to see our produce level has reached the European & American technology level in practice. As a result of this amazing achievement, the amount of wood plastic production is getting bigger year by year.

But in order to achieve international technical level, we had paid a lot, especially in cost increase. This is also one of challenges we mentioned before: how to reduce produce cost, accurately, how to reduce produce cost without affecting production quality, it has already become the biggest concern in wood plastic industry. We try to improve the product quality to meet different needs of consumers, and also hope they don’t need to pay too much cost for its high level quality, so it leave a problem for we manufacturers. How to provide a good cost-effective consume experience for broad consumers, it’s worth thinking deeply for us. 


For the breakthrough in wood plastic industry, here are some personal opinions from my own:

1. Innovate the produce equipment and try to realize fully automated, for saving labor costs.

2. Standardize the produce technology, to ensure the quality stay consistently.

3. Regular maintenance, to ensure equipment function normally and reduce rejection rate.

4. Improve the workers’ responsibility consciousness, also in professional accomplishment. 

For product process aspect:

1. Continuing innovations in technology, helping each other inside the industry, and challenge existing international leading technology.

2. Increase the product design, and expand the product application.

3. Develop new product performance, make the product outstanding in the international market with individual character advantage.