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The Advantages Of Bamboo You Know?

Apr 14, 2017

1, green, bamboo growth time is only one-tenth of the wood, cutting down after a sustainable growth characteristics, more in line with the modern economy in the low-carbon concept.

2, tough: bamboo wood is more rigid than the dense, high compressive bending strength.

3, beautiful: bamboo clear, beautiful plate, natural color, bamboo incense pleasant, elegant texture.

4, durable: bamboo no dust, no condensation, easy to clean, to avoid the breeding of mites bacteria, remove the insects disturbed.

5, comfortable: bamboo can automatically adjust the environmental humidity and moisture, low thermal conductivity, with the characteristics of warm and cool in winter.

6, health: bamboo has the function of absorbing ultraviolet light, people living in the room when the eyes have a sense of comfort, can prevent myopia and other eye disease occurrence and development.

7, quiet: bamboo sound-absorbing sound insulation, in addition to bass, pressure reverberation, effectively remove the noise, but also your quiet state of mind.

8, excellent: bamboo shrinkage is small, with a high degree of anti-cut, elasticity and toughness.