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Terrace Flooring Options, Close To Nature — This Case From Sweden

Sep 20, 2017

Sweden has the nickname "forest kingdom", "lake kingdom" and "Nordic snow country". In its about 450,000 square kilometers territory, there are many beautiful canyon landforms and glaciers. Here have dense vegetation and abundant water, is a paradise for wildlife. Ecotourism is a special project in here, which can relax the body and cultivate sentiment. 

Terrace flooring options.jpg

So terrace flooring options, of course, is the most environmentally friendly Coowin wood plastic composite (WPC). The appearance of natural wood makes terrace flooring and environment more harmonious. Made of 95% recycled materials, close to nature and protect nature. It also has the excellent properties of anti-acid and alkali, maintenance-free, and ultra-durability. 

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Hollow Core Outdoor Decking WPC Floor