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Tailor-made Colors Outdoor Balcony WPC Cladding Floor

May 12, 2018

The custom color outdoor balcony WPC cover floor is the wooden plastic floor response to market demand. As {householder's living standards become more and higher, the demand for wooden plastic material balcony floors increases with the day. From features to environmental protection, from aesthetic to private, wood-plastic floors change every day.



Custom color outdoor porch WPC covers the floor to meet more householder's preference for color, each color provides a different sense. We offer six popular colors, and the espresso color represents quiet and healthy, and the green and grey represent the mysterious and simple. Large ash represents clean and bright, red pine signifies homespun and fragrance; Cedar plank color represents the soft and simple, the mahogany color stands for warmness and magnificence. Five artwork color, we also provide elegant cedar melange gather mix color, cordial and natural Korean pine combined color, noble luxurious annatto color mixture, quiet and harmonious light grey melange, mature and easy red-brown color mixture. In addition, we can personalize the corresponding colors based on the customer's requirements, and every color number on the spectrum is our concentrate on. Custom color outdoor patio WPC covers the floor to meet the fussy you.

The custom color outdoor balcony WPC addresses the floor more to represent the advanced technology and considerate service. To achieve color customization, the manufacturer must master the relevant technology and functions. Custom colors from WPC outdoor balcony cover the color of the floor materials itself, from the creation before the hybrid plastic modified particles, its benefit is not only a custom color, also includes effective prevent fade, no need for dyes and paint colorants, etc. Normally, if you would like to draw and dye, that's your independence.