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Rust-resistant Wood Plastic Exterior Wall Membrane Cladding Panels

May 09, 2018

Anti-corrosion solid wood - plastic wall plank, replacing wooden wall panel of new multi-functional products. In the event corrosion is the core, a number of high-quality features work jointly to build a complete, superior, consumer - focused self-cycle.

The reason for the effective corrosion reductio of anti-corrosion wood veneer coating is that the material itself is much higher than the denseness of wood and the high density of surface that is produced by using the surface stitch technique. This wooden clear plastic panel has a strong waterproof and anti-penetration impact, which can resist the erosion of the chemical. The chemical properties of the modified wood-plastic allergens are incredibly stable and effective to prevent and behave with the air. The combo of plastic properties and antimicrobials has efficiently inhibited the 99% bacterias and effectively expelled pesky insects, protecting against waste from fixing and corroding the surfaces. Such effect, solid solid wood paneling will never be realized.

Anticorrosion wood covering layer plate, anti-corrosion result can be good security for wood - plastic material coating plate. Anti-corrosion can be better anti-fade, color bright, stable, no requirement to color and spray paint. This kind of is conducive to the protection of formaldehyde and stupid gases, environmental security and health. Corrosion security can effectively guarantee and prolong the service life of wood - plastic material cover plate and improve investment - return the profit. In the event of corrosion, the self-circulation of the core should not be sealed and maintenance cost saved.